Alert Now

Alert Now Messager

Alert Now is our districts main informational tool to contact parents about emergencies, monthly announcements, calendars, activity and athletic events and general school information.

Messages are sent out a number of ways: 1.  Emails to your computer, 2.  Voice mail to your home telephone 3.  Voice mail to your cellular device and 4. Access to your pager.

To receive this information, parents must contact the school district in Mohall and give us your general contact information.  This entails your email address, land telephone number and cellular service numbers.  Parents are encouraged to list all contact information to ensure that you are effectively contacted.

If you are interested in reviewing past messages that have come from the school you are able to go to the Alert Now website and view all messages sent by the district.  Click on the website link below for that access. If you have not used this feature before please review the directions section below.


To have directions on how to access previous school messages click on the Alert Now link.  When done reviewing, you can click on the blue link on the directions page to go to the alert now message site.

Alert Now