FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) has been headed by Valerie Aho for the past 13 years. The goal of FCCLA is to promote good leadership and career preparation, along with aiding personal growth. Throughout the year, FCCLA attends numerous leadership conventions, all leading up to State FCCLA near the end of the school year, held in Bismarck. Students are able to qualify for the National Leadership Convention by creating STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition); if their project places or is judged high enough, those students or student will earn a trip to the NLC.

MLS has had one of the highest participation percentages in the last few years. Any student in grades 7-12 may join. If you would like to contact Mrs. Aho, call the school at 756-6660, or visit her web page.

FCCLA Events:

  • Christmas Is for Kids
  • STAR Events
  • Valentine’s Day Cookies
  • State FCCLA Convention
  • Chuck-A-Duck
  • National Leadership Convention
  • Christmas Goodies Bake Sales
  • Halloween Costume Contest
  • Snowball Dance
  • Christmas Week
  • National FCCLA Week