Shannon Grondahl


15 years ago I left the Mohall School and never thought I would be back. Now after attending college at NDSU (GO BISON!!) and 2 other teaching jobs in Newburg, ND and Kenmare, ND, I am happy to say I am back in my hometown school. I am in my fourth year as a science teacher at MLS School. I currently teach physical science, biology, chemistry and physics.

I live Southwest of Mohall with my husband (Andy), two sons (Brody-8 and Colton-7), my daughter (Sawyer-4), two dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, 3 rabbit, and 8 chickens! Only the people and dogs are allowed in the house though!  I really enjoy spending any free time I have with my family, watching NDSU football and camping.

                Please feel free to contact me at the school. The phone number is 756-6660. And my e-mail is


8:30am-9:20 am:  Prep

9:23am-10:13am:  Physics

10:16-11:06am:  Chemistry

11:09-11:39: Lunch

11:41-12:30:  Biology 10

12:33-1:18:  Biology 9

1:21-2:06: Biology 10

2:09-2:54: Biology 9

2:57-3:20: Study Hall

Lesson plans